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A Turok 3: SoO World Record Holder And More.


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Hello! I'm Nathan aka FraserQuest. I am a Turok 3 speedrunner who holds multiple world records for Joseph's category as well as Danielle's. Turok 3 is my main speedrun and always will be as I'll forever be optimizing categories! I do play through other great Turok games on stream such as DH (N64), SoE (N64), Rage Wars, Evolution, Turok 08, and some other variety games every now and then. Learning the Evolution run atm (06/2021), then the 08 run is next (TBA). I know some of the DH (N64) run as well. Thank you and have fun! The Turok Speedrunning Community is one of the best out there! >>>Click on Oblivion's happy face above to be directed to my youtube channel where I post my speedruns.

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[Joseph] +Turok 3: SoO / Joseph Any% - 43:23 (WR) +Turok 3: SoO / Joseph Oblivion Any% - 54:25 (WR) +Turok 3: SoO / Joseph 100% - 54:28 (WR) +Turok 3: SoO / Joseph Oblivion 100% - 1:07:21 (WR) [Danielle] +Turok 3: SoO / Danielle Any% - 44:46 (WR) +Turok 3: SoO / Danielle Oblivion Any% - 55:39 (WR) +Turok 3: SoO / Danielle 100% - 52:15 (WR) >>>Click on Oblivion's happy face above to be directed to my speedrun page.