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speedrunner, gamer and Pathfinder enthusiast

About me

Hey, i called my self john murdock, this my public name. I'm a french canadian from québec, i speak french as my native language, so sorry if i'm not that good in english and feel free to correct me since i want to perfect my second language. I speedrun super metroid and metroid: zero mission, i began in september 2017 for SM, and august 2018 for ZM


i want some kind of basic politeness here, i am pro freespeech so don't be affraid to say something (of course you have to respect twitch TOS sadly) , if its something i feel like its not polite for my taste or have no place here i will warn you. the only language that you can speak here is french and english

Speedrun time

Super Metroid 100%: 1:23:32 ­­­ any%: 48:37 GT classic: 38:08 Any% 3 player co-op: 29:13 (with Croakomire and BFrobber) Hundo co-op 2 player: 48:48 (with MRGuyAverage) Miniboss RTA: 30:11 Ceres escape: 46''07 Zebes escape: 2:08 any% all boss: 52:11 Dashless any%: 1:15:55 Dashless Hundo: 2:04:13 GT code MAX%: 1:25:41 Death to Shaktool RTA: 52:46 All Gate Glitche RTA: 1:43:36 (WR) 2X Speed any%: 50:37 (WR) 14% Grav-Ice: 1:04:17 14% IceBoots :3:19:21 PAL any%: 52:59 Hundo co-op 3player: 38:21 (WR with MRGuyAverage and SwapSpace) RBO 2 player co-op: 55:43 (with whalerynth) Metroid: Zero Mission any% normal: 44:37 100% normal: 1:19:43 9% normal: 1:37:07 map completion: 1:18:27 any% hard: 1:01:59 All Major Upgrade: 47:59
if you want to learn anything about speedrunning Super Metroid, a good place to go is there you can always ask me question and i will do my best to answer it