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Hi. Yakuza Speedrunner and casual player. Fan of JRPGS and speedrunner of many games (including Titanfall 2 and Devil May Cry 5)


Donations are 100% anonymous outside of an alert to tell me someone has donated. The link to donate is [Here](


1) No backseating/hints/tips/spoilers AT ALL. This includes suggestions or outright saying what to do. If streamer is stuck, enjoy the salt. Otherwise let him enjoy the game and find things out for himself. 2) Be respectful to other people. This means absolutely no Racism or Homophobia etc (swearing is allowed just be respectful to others) 3) Do not call out lurkers and in addition don't mention viewer count 4) No Copypastas and do not attempt pyramids in chat. You will be timed out for first offenses and banned for future ones. (We're a small chat, it just clogs it up in a bad way. Thanks for understanding) 5) No sub begging or other forms of harassment. 6) Don't make things creepy.


Hey hi here's a link to the discord channel remind me to make this description better later and make a better link, thanks love you <3 [Here!](


My schedule is currently pretty free, so my streaming schedule is as follows. Monday-Sunday start at 8pm unless something significant happens (ill or lack of sleep) 7 days a week Usually 8 hours+ Follow the stream to get a notification about when I go live!

Fangame List!

Here's an up-to-date list of what fangames I've played and completed, along with their progress and any possible future fangames! [Link](
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The majority of the channels emotes were done by Esmaeuvu! You can click on each emote to find who did which emotes and you can find Esmaeuvu's [Twitch Channel here]( froobSmug was done by Takku whose work you can find at their [Deviantart page here]( froobMahjong, froobKay and froobMuffin are done by FXEli The super amazing Mahjong sub badges were also made by Takku with help and suggestions from my amazing community. I love you all!

Social Media!

I have a [Twitter]( that I use sometimes, but not that often. I should use it more often.

Speedrun Personal Bests

If you want to check out the rest of my runs you can do so at [My Speedrun Profile](
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The scene transition stinger was made by our very own BloodySeraph! The audio used is [Available here]( )