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What's up my names matt but everybody knows me as Fru. I install windshields for a living. Former American Ninja warrior contestant. My favorites are mario maker and SMW hacks. Who's the guy standing behind me every stream? His name is Randy and he is chill AF.


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Weekend times may vary depending on what kinda life events are happening but here goes. TUESDAY: 8PM-10PM EST THURSDAY: 8PM- 10PM EST SUNDAY: 9AM------

Welcome to All!!!!!!!

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Hey there folks!!! I'm Frooskie5 but all my friends simply call me FRU. I stumbled upon SMW rom hacks and I have completely fallen in love with the games and the twitch community. Ive grown up doing mostly extracurricular activities so this has opened up a whole new world to me, and I am absolutely ecstatic about what ive learned and what is in the future. I'm thankful for the friends that ive made already and have the utmost respect for the SMW legends that can beast their way through these oh so difficult hacks. Hopefully I will be able to join you in the top ranks some day. SO LETS GOOOO!!!! YATTA!!!


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If you feel like hanging out off stream, hit me up on discord and lets share/make some memories together.
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Donations are never necessary but always appreciated. Any proceeds will always be used for a good cause: optimizing the stream, charity, giveaways etc.
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- HP Omen laptop with I7 processor, Nvidia Geforce GTX graphics card. - Super NT OH YEA! - Elgato HD60 S capture card - Logitech 920 webcam - Yeti blue microphone -RANDY of course