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Frosty, Co-Owner of Pirate Bones Club! An NFT project based on an organic community, true value for holders to make money, and ORIGINAL art! We are growing and would love to see you a part of the amazing community! We do game nights with the community, hold giveaways, and much more!!!

Change Sleeping Forever

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I'm happy to be Pillow Cube's first affiliate on Twitch, and here is why. You sleep a lot right? Sleeping takes up to a third of everyday you are alive, so why not spend that time as comfortable as possible, with Pillow Cube! The design is made to relax your head perfectly causing no pain in the neck or spine throughout your night of sleep. With a smooth comfortable pillow case, soft breathable cover allowing it to stay super cool all night long, and high rebound bamboo foam keeping you supported and clean. Click above to get your CUBE now!!

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Rules of the Chat!

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RULES FOR THE CHAT! 1. Just be cool and have fun 2. Nothing racial or you gonna get banhammer 3. Toxicity will only get you roasted by the streamer and the people in the chat.

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Any and All Donations Make a HUGE Impact on me. These are not mandatory, but what is mandatory is to enjoy yourself in the stream. Thank you so very much for supporting me! No refunds unless talked about otherwise.