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There's no particular theme to the games I stream. I play just about anything: adventure, platformer, RPG, first-person shooter, retro games, newer games, indie games, AAA games and everything in-between. Gaming should be a way for people to relax. With that in mind, I try to refrain from discussing political, religious and other similar topics on the stream. That being said, sometimes the conversation naturally progresses toward these topics at which point I have to give a gentle reminder to viewers (AND myself as well!!) so please bear this in mind. I do everything I can to ensure this channel stays welcoming and inclusive to everyone. ## About Me I'm a mild-mannered IT professional who likes video games and music, having played both video games and piano since a very early age (although I can play other various instruments). I also have a strong appreciation for bagels, cheese, and pale ales.
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# Upcoming Games These are in no particular order and I can't guarantee when I'll get around to a particular game but here's what I intend to play in the (probably) near future: * Haiku, the Robot * Kingdom Hearts II * NieR: Automata * Final Fantasy XV