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Hiya! I'm frozenflygone (she/they) 🎀 I'm a Celeste speedrunner and custom map maker, Super Mario World kaizo player, indie speedrunner, and lover of all things Pokemon. Come by for speedruns and silly fun! 💜💙💗

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Hi! I'm frozenflygone! You can call me court, frozen, or flygone for short. I hope to bring sunshine to people's days when I stream. Thanks for stopping by! inquiries: Schedule in eastern time: **Monday** 10AM-1PM **Tuesday:** 8-10:30 PM **Thursday:** 8-10:30 PM **Friday:** 10AM-1PM every other Sunday at 4PM: It's Dangerous to Go Alone on GDQ Hotfix!
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I am passionate about organizing and participating in charity speedruning events. Click the bow to check out my twitter for updates on events I'm a part of and my weekly stream schedules!
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As a math teacher, all money I make from Twitch supports me tremendously, especially to maintain my stream! All tips to my ko-fi are greatly appreciated, and will pop up an alert on stream! <3 Click the bow to visit my Ko-fi Page!
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If you're interested in chatting about gaming, seeing pictures of my kitty Sirius, and seeing stream updates, you're welcome to click the bow to join the Hoenn Region discord!
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My wonderful sub badges and majority of my emotes are made by ruby!! ~find them here: [twitter]( or [twitch](! ~Emote and Sub Badge [Gallery](!! flygonePause, flygonePlant and flygoneSnooze are made by mug! ~find her here: [twitter]( or [twitch](! animated emotes are made by Bread! ~find their work here: [twitter](! ~Animated Emotes [Gallery](!!

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