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     [Twitter]( - [YouTube]( - [Tip/Donate]( - [Subscribe]( - [Contact]( Hi, I'm Brian! I live in Portland, Oregon, I'm a licensed attorney, and I was introduced to video games by my grandmother! Lately we've been enjoying games like Rimworld, Stardew Valley, Subnautica, and Ace Attorney. The stream is interactive, and our community is friendly and considerate. I encourage you to say hello and join the conversation! #Chat Reminders - Be respectful, kind, and courteous to each other. We strive for a positive and supportive atmosphere. - Be conscious of your language and avoid using slurs, even if you mean them jokingly or ironically. - Feel free to discuss strategies and share tips, but please avoid spoilers and backseating. The learning process is part of the full game experience!
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