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The most luscious locks on Twitch

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Greetings #StapSquad! My name is fStap and I'm a variety streamer from Salt Lake City Utah. I primarily stream FPS games and visual novels, but I'll play pretty much anything! Trying my best to make this stream as quality as possible for you guys. If you have suggestions on games to play or what I can do to make it better, let me know! Trying to stream as close to daily as possible. I love making people smile to the point where I'm almost competitive about it! I'm a firm believer that happiness is a huge part of your overall health, and my stream is a prescription for 1000mg of it! The name fStap is a play on the photography term F-Stop. Outside of Twitch, part of how I fill my time is being a photographer! It's another outlet that I love to use to make people smile. Now that you're here, stick around! More awesome stuff is always around the corner here, so drop a follow and jump in the chat!

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