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Oh hey there! I'm fujin! Nice to meet you.Chat, relax and enjoy the game with me. Mercy is my girl. Dead By Daylight has become an amazing game that I've been able to explore and grow with. Survivor main and Killer who's 'too nice'.

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The link to the coolest kindest people you could hope to be in touch with. Go say hi!
If you're feeling generous and want to help, it's not me who needs it. My mom has been battling life SO MUCH! I don't have a link set up, but any donations made will go to her. !donate All donations are non refundable.
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Hey there everyone! I'm **Fujin**! Nice to meet you! I hope you're doing well today! I'm *so happy* you stopped by and if you like the feel of the adventure going on here, please stick around! I'd love to get to know you. I love streaming Hunt Showdown these days. I've dived into variety. Then there's my Art! It can be very chill or I can be laughing a lot. Just depends on what we're playing. Sadly I do work a full time job so finding an exact schedule hasn't quite worked yet but I'm getting there! To contact me, you can send me a message on Twitter regarding the stream. Thank you for stopping in, I hope you stay and enjoy the adventure!
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Can support me on Instagram! If I make little things for a give away, the ideas will come from the perling beads I use there.
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My own discord for you to chill out in and know when I'm going live. It's quiet place on the interwebs. To grow as we do. I only ask you be respectful. I can't wait to see you there!