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Hi! I'm Funtaman. I am a solo game developer. I do draw with a real pencil but mostly I do 2D & 3D digitally. Sometimes I do game streams too! Come join my adventures!


Hi! I am Funtaman I'm a game developer from Denmark. I use the Godot engine and Blender. I'm currently working on HIPSHOT, (working title).

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This chat use common chat rules + No racism No spoilers Don't be rude Ask before sending a link No spamming No "backseat driving" No self ads No "business talk" - "time vs. money" Be nice and have fun!

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Artist: Mokka

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My music playlist is from on this stream, only - starting at Sunday 5th of March 2023 Music from Pretzel is DMA safe music and licensed music for streaming on Twitch.