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I'm Furi, an honest and chill streamer from the U.S. I like journaling, art, and organization. I also read poetry and stories sometimes. Thank you for visiting my channel; I hope you like the content! 💕

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Hi, you can call me Furi (like amulet of fury) or Furiosa. I am a 30 year old teacher living in the US. I stream mainly Old School Runescape and I read poetry and books aloud sometimes. Rarely, I also play some League of Legends, Diablo 3, and Overwatch. I believe in kindness before all, and play video games for fun (and to get better, to an extent). Thank you for visiting my channel; I hope we become friends :)
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I hope to be able to stream more often and for longer times. If you would like to help out, just click the image above, which will bring you to [this link]( All donations will trigger an on screen announcement. Thank you for the support folks <3 Donations are non-refundable, so please think carefully before you donate! If you'd like to send me some food, here's my [TreatStream link]( ******** **Subscriber benefits:** All levels: - on screen shoutout - no ads - can request songs - add you in game - link to sub-only discord - priority on viewer games queue - my undying gratitude for your support Tier 2: - furios7Lurk emote Tier 3: - furios7Heart emote - I will stream wearing a closet cosplay of a character of your choosing (I reserve the right to deny requests depending on nudity/gore/plausibility) - you may request a sketch of a character please message me if you subbed but did not get your rewards. You can donate instead of sub for the same amount to get the same rewards (except the emotes) as a one time basis.