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Former BW/SC2 pro. Now streaming SC:R!

Who am I?

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My name is Rich, aka Future. I have been playing starcraft since 2003. I am a former Brood War and SC2 pro gamer from USA. I have been streaming since 2011. I will be focusing on Starcraft Brood War (SC:Remastered) now. Current MMR high on SC:R: A (2050 MMR) **Notable achievements:** **Starcraft Brood war** -WCG USA finals 2005 top 8 -WCG USA finals 2008 top 10 -Iccup high B+ 8900 **Starcraft 2** -Grandmaster league season 2 -WCS USA finals 2012 -Best MLG finish- MLG Orlando 2012 8th round lower bracket (37-44th) -Was on notable teams such as VT, ReIGN, and FXO


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Donations are much appreciated. Also, if there is anything I can do to make the stream more enjoyable, let me know! Activated Text to Speech for your donation to be read! ($2 min) [Donations](


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Feel free to follow me on twitter. I will post on there as well when I go live! [Twitter](


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Trying out this community discord thing! Come by to the Shield Battery to chill out and recharge! [Discord](