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Definitely NOT your secret alien overlord.


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Other hobbies include board games, pen and paper games, M:tG, hiking and hitting the gym. Feel free to ask me about all that in chat!


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Be sure to follow me on twitter for impromptu schedule and going-live updates, all through the header graphic. Retweets are appreciated. Thanks. :)


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Just click the header graphic. I appreciate ya. :)


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- Be excellent to each other, always, period.


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Honestly? Schedule has gone to hell! I'm streaming a lot these days still though, just playing by hear. Please follow me on twitter, join the discord, and/or make sure you have my going-live announcements set! I will get back to a proper schedule after the holidays.


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BTTV Commands Sub Goal Met! Channel is Now Subbed to BTTV! Mods can use !bttv command for a visual list of our ~50 emotes! Let me know if you think something is missing. GOALS*: Tentative list of things I would like to do at certain tiers of sub points: - 5 SPs: bttv emotes unlocked! Ask a mod for !bttv - 10 SPs: P.O. Box unlocked! To maintain this, the P.O. Box address will be available to subscribers only. ... - 20 SPs: Regulars vote for weekly co-op games(?) ... - 40 SPs: Regular viewer giveaways! *Totally subject to change--and in fact, I would like viewer/regular input. "Regular" right now means people I recognize as showing up in my chat often enough that they make my nightbot chat list. Down the road I realize that will probably have to change to "10 hours viewed a month/week" or whatever in order "to be fair" or have a standard, but the stream is so immature right now to be honest I'll be eyeballing it. Panel images by @iamIDKAY Star Banner from Lazarus Nebula by Moonchilde