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Variety Speedrunner & Your Cat's Favorite Streamer | Hollow Knight + Smash Enthusiast | "After the Split" Podcast Host | Full Time Cybersecurity Student


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27 year old full time Cybersecurity student. Currently speedrunning the Crash Bandicoot games and Hollow Knight. I'm a competitive smash brothers melee player. I started streaming and speedrunning during the Covid-19 quarantine. I recently left my job in Japan and moved back to the states. Just moved to Cincinnati! I also do the deep dive interview podcast called "After the Split", which goes into the lives of your favorite runners. *Schedule is always open to change / cancel* Ask anything, I'm very open
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I have clickable socials links in the next to the main about section! Currently I am on Twitch, Twitter, YouTube, and Discord. You are very welcome to join the discord and share things such as some things that you are doing in gaming or a cute picture of your pet. Up above you can click on the twitter (@GaffeyTaffy) or you can join our discord!

Speedrun Records

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I don't always remember to update, feel free to click the panel banner to go to my SRC page CRASH NST: Crash 1 Any%- 54:36 (unsubmitted) Crash 2 Any%- 44:02 Crash 2 100%- 1:36:38 Crash 3 Any%- 45:33 The Wrath of Cortex 106%: 10 hours (lol) BANJO-KAZOOIE: 100%- 3:40:36 PINBALL: 1000000- 1:34 MARIO KART: MK64 All Cups (no skips)- 50:21 Spyro Reignited Trilogy: SRT 2 Any- 25:00 SRT 1 NBS: 41:05 SM64: 16 Star- 23:23 Hollow Knight: Current Patch Any%: 40:12 All Skills (1221): 1:00:30 112% APB: 4:43:24 Pokemon Snap Any%: 25:37 I Am Fish Any%: 5:08:39

Tips Here

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If you want to tip and support my stream and the content I make feel free to do so by clicking the banner above! I definitely don't do this for the money, so don't feel obligated. If you do, it is much appreciated and you get a TTS. Now if doing song request you can donate $1 with your song to skip the queue! Just click the banner. Text-To-Speech enabled for every tip, subscription, and 5 bit minimum
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The loveable pup you may see is Shinji. He is actually the star of the stream. I rescued him while I was living in Japan and he was born Jan. 2020