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Streaming Fall Guys with 60 viewers

Call me Galactic or Venus, I enjoy FPS and RPGs. Working my way up to becoming a better streamer, thanks for visiting.

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1. Who are you? > My name is Galactic on Twitch, I currently own 5 rabbits and I stream full time. I do not have a stream schedule, but I do try to stream everyday during the late afternoons. 2. What platform do you play on? > My games will be mostly be played on the Xbox One X, Nintendo Switch, and slowly I will get into PC. 3. Can I join your game? > I play with my followers pretty often, just wait for me to announce it in the stream. As long as you have been active in the stream, you are more than welcome to join <3 Under construction ~ Ask me questions! Will update this soon.
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Subbing grants a couple of perks in my stream that includes: - No ads. - Access to 5-7+ usable emotes (depending on tier) that you can use anywhere on Twitch! - Post links without getting timed out. - Sub role in Discord. - Participate in sub-only giveaways.
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By clicking on the Donation link and completing the transaction you hereby certify you are the rightful owner of the funds being donated in this transaction and cannot be withdrawn / charged back. All donations are non-refundable. Thank you for your support! <3 ##Scare dono alerts now live: $6.66 $13.00 ****** ##Top 3 Donators ❤️ 1. Wopin_ $1,350 2. aaypril $565.96 3. Ajespi520 - $551.69 > This could be **YOU**, [donate today](! [But wait, there's more!](! ******
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Join Discord by going to User settings > Connections > Join Galactic's MTV Cribs - Or ask Mod or VIP for invitation :)
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Follow me on my most active social media! (I am trying lol)

Stream Rules

- If you deserve mod, you'll get it. Otherwise, there's no point in asking for it. - No links, please ask permission first. - Respect the stream, no self promotion.