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Hi, I'm Gala. I am a Speedrunner from Australia. I like Playstation 2 Action games. I can't set a schedule for streaming because of working, so I just stream when I feel like it and can. Feel free to talk to each other in the chat while I run or just lurk. Use [7tv](, [BTTV](, and [FFZ]( to see and use free emotes in the chat.
**Stream Hardware:** Upscaler - ODV GBS-C Capture Card - Elgato HD60S+ Playstation 2 Slim **š“›š“²š“·š““š“¼** āž¼ [Twitter]( āž¼ [Youtube]( āž¼ [Discord]( āž¼ [Speedrun Profile]( āž¼ [Steam Wishlist]( āž¼ [Throne Gifting](
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