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Galvatron, intergalactic badboy, purveyor of amen breaks and pure ruffnek Junglist from the West Yorkshire Massive.. (UK), I mainly play Jungle however you will find me spinning everything from Jungle, Breaks, Dubstep, Hip Hop, DnB, Techno, Old Skool and everything in between.... A tunes a tune!!

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Hi, I'm Galvatron, a Jungle DJ and Producer from Dewsbury, West Yorkshire (UK) I got my first pair of belt drive turntables at just 12 years old in 1996 and was instantly hooked on playing loud dance music and collecting vinyl. Although I mainly play and produce Jungle now a days, I have been into a bit of everything over the years and still love to mix it up and play what ever floats my boat at that particular moment in time. Now, 25+ years after I started mixing, I still have the same passion and drive to play my music to as many people as I can, as loud as I can.... I don't think that will ever change! Whilst having tracks out with many labels such as Flex, RIQ Yardrock, Deep In The Jungle and loads more, I have also played at big and small events, festivals and free-parties up and down the UK with a few resident slots over the years and even headlined oversea's. Now, I am bringing my passion and dedication for mixing to twitch to hopefully entertain anyone who is willing to lend me their ears and enjoy some good music whilst trying to build a bit of a community!! If you like what you hear and/or see on my channel, please consider giving me a follow and hit up my socials for more of my music. Thank you for taking the time to check out my profile and I hope you enjoy your time here! Much love..... Galva x
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