Gamer, Speedrunner, Completionist. A Nintendo fan who's also grown to enjoy some Playstation as well. Streams are random but if I go up I'll usually be live for a few hours at least.

Channel Info

Currently I do not have a set schedule for when I stream or what I stream. Usually though you can find me either doing Casual 100% Playthrough's or something related to one of the games/categories I speedrun. At the moment my current plans are to work on improving my HW and ToGf times to a personally satisfactory level. While working on that I'm also planning on more casual streams.

Speedrun Personal Best's

#Hyrule Warriors - New Game Plus Any% - 2:24:49 - New Game Plus Recommended - 2:32:40 - New Game Any% - 3:01:56 - New Game Recommended - 2:58:31 - Adventure Map - 31:55 - Master Quest Adventure Map - 56:06 - Twilight Adventure Map - 43:40 - Termina Adventure Map - 36:45 #Tales of Graces F New Game Plus Glitchless (Easy) - 2:48:47 #Pokemon Snap Any% - 27:33 #Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn Easy Mode w/Transfers - 4:2X:XX (Lost splits)


- I'd like to think I'm pretty chill when it comes to things, just try to keep keep inflammatory things out of any discussions and accept that other people's views are quite likely to differ from your own. - When it comes to links it's better to ask before posting and try to not ask to do so constantly. - Insulting people randomly, with or without profanity, will result in a timeout at minimum. - Basically just be respectful to me and your fellow chatters and you'll be golden.


If you decide for some reason that you'd like to support me or help me out or anything, donations are highly appreciated but in no way shape or form mandatory . [Donate Here if you'd like to](https://twitch.streamlabs.com/gamer_david)

Misc. Things

- [Twitter](https://twitter.com/_GamerDavid) - My Twitter, one of the best ways to see when I'm planning to stream. - [Speedrun.com](http://www.speedrun.com/user/Gamer_David) - Link to a list of all my speedrun PB's. - [Backloggery](http://www.backloggery.com/gamer_david) My Backloggery, which I do my best to keep up-to-date on what I own and what I'm playing both on and off stream.