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I'm primarily a board gamer but also do a bit of speedrunning and puzzle solving. My autistic superpower is total honesty, which also gets me into trouble sometimes. You will always know what I think and how I feel, even when you may not want to. :D


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I got into board gaming in 2002 and attended my first World Boardgaming Championships in 2003. Here is a list of organized board gaming tournaments I've won: World Boardgaming Championships: Ra! (x4), Goa (x3), Agricola, El Grande, Amun Re, Princes of Florence, Can't Stop (pbem). Caesar Award (2008) Euroquest: Goa (x2), Stone Age. HLS Trophy (2008) Mind Sports Olympiad: Agricola. PAX Unplugged: Agricola (x3), Puerto Rico (x2).