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(He/Him) Long time Console Gamer. Newer PC Gamer. Husband, Father, and obnoxious laugher. Thanks for coming by!

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My name is GamingHypeMan (He/Him), Gaming, Hype, GHM, Gahmmm (pronounced Gu-Hmmm) or Hypeman. (A few are nicknames given by the community!) + I'm a variety streamer with a love for all things video games. (Currently Playing PC/Switch/PS4 games) + If I'm not playing Apex Legends or any other FPS game, you'll find me exploring games and reviewing them so you don't have to. I'd love to be your gaming guy! + If I'm not gaming, I'm probably cooking. Hang out in the stream long enough and you can pick a meal for me to cook. + I hope to provide an environment where all feel welcome. Video Games are for everyone. + Overlays created by @adietsnapple + Emotes by @adietsnapple and @Carmallama + Panels created by @PsiborgJhin

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#Thanks for coming by! We are a gaming community that embraces all people. Because of this, we support LGBTQIA+, BIPOC, Disabled People, and all minorities. We find beauty in diversity and commit to preserving that here.
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**Twitter is my primary form of communication regarding streams. I sometimes post photos of food and games as well!**
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Looking for a Discord Community to join? Come stop by ours!

Games Completed on Stream

+ Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order + Titanfall 2 + Resident Evil Village + Spider-Man (PS4) + Mass Effect
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Donations are absolutely not expected and are appreciated! Please know, for the protection of the streamer and the viewer, refunds that are donated are non-refundable. Thank you again!