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Hi it's your dum friend "Gami" .I'm 24yr old non-professional Gamer from INDIA & I suck at every game .I know you are already onboard But WAIT.. we also do Arts , Animations , Gaming , Party plays , Vid watch alongs and All kind of nerd stuff & I love to have weird/goofy convos.


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If you are an ART lover and you don't bargain well there is another way to keep this channel alive . Checkout my Art section . Sloots coming soon so follow...


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Your YOUTOOB subs will give me a motivation to create some new content just for YouToob , Few vids are pretty cool [#DailyDoseOfValorant] Check them out.


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Please support me if you can so that we can grow.


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Tip me if you like , working on my permanent job to get 6 CONSOLES BUNCH OF FUKIN WIRES, CAT CAM, DOG CAM, CAM CAM for better streams for your bunda

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Instagram follows would make me change my opinion on social media

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❌No Toxicity ❌Avoid Spreading Negativity And Hatred and Racism Etc... ❌Avoid Fighting With Each others ❌No Spamming


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Join BUFF and get awarded while playing your favourite games . 30 Gift Coins from my end enjoy!!!