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Why hello there. Nice to meet ya! My name is Nomeyy & welcome to the second account where we play anything and everything! Hope you enjoy your stay at our cosy stream!

**Donations** Please never feel like you ever gotta donate, I'm just leaving a link here too cuz Jack suggested it <3 Shenanigans will go back into improving the stream and spoiling my fluffy pet friends
**About Me:** Hey everyone! I'm Naomi but I rarely use my real name and prefer Nomeyy! I am an Irish lass living in the UK and used to be an Art Student who now just doodles from time to time. I like to draw emotes for other streamers too! If I won't make it, I announce it in my Discord server or on Twitter! Hope you enjoy your stay here, we try to spread positive vibes and everyone is welcome ^-^
**FAQ** Where are you from? - I am from Ireland How long have you been streaming? - Consistently since November 2019, I have been streaming on and off but was focusing on education until November 2019! What do you stream? - I mostly stream Pokemon games over on my main (Nomeyy) but here we stream anything and everything! Stardew, COD, Planet Coaster, Crash, Spyro, anything really! What is your schedule? - Since this is an alt, we don't stream on here as much as the main. So streams are pretty much as I have time right now. Life is a bit crazy so I don't have a set time. But I shall announce it on Discord and Twitter
**Subscribe:** One of the best ways to support the stream is by subscribing, but please don't ever feel like you have to, I appreciate each and every person that rolls on by! Subscribing gives you some extra perks though! - Unique Sub Badges - Many different emotes to use in the stream and also all across Twitch! - Special Discord Roles/Sub only channel section - Lots of virtual cookies you won't receive, but are there in spirit - Lots of hugs and love
**Discord:** Here is our very neat discord server where you can share lots of different things and make some cool new friends! [Here is the link!] ( We also have free cookies But you never physically receive them cuz I eat em all oops
**Socials:** Here are some of my social medias! [Twitter:]( Nomeyy [Instagram:]( Garchomp [Youtube:]( Nomeyy [Etsy:]( Nomeyy
**Stream Rules** - Please be respectful in the chat at all times! There is no room for intolerance here, we try to keep this a positive and safe place! - No spamming, this means emotes also. Only spam if I ask for something to be spammed! - Please don't post any links in the chat, or if you wish to share something ask me or a mod first! - No advertising yourself please. It is rude. If you wish to talk about your streams just whisper me beforehand and I'm happy to help out if you need any advice. - Please don't ask to be a mod, the answer will be no! We have so many already and I won't be looking for more just yet! I shall add a new mod when I feel it is the time & I most likely already have plans. - Please don't ask for gifted subs! - Remember to have fun! We love to make new friends here and absolutely everyone is welcome here :D
**Main Channel** Hey there, if you did not know already, this is actually my second streaming channel! I stream more frequently over on "Nomeyy" If you wanna check that out! Thank you for reading, also if you made it this far, stay hydrated <3