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Die große Mannen auf dem Campus.

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This is the Twitch account of Garit Dewana. Yep. That's it. My stream schedule is fked but all times are in Indonesian GMT +7 Chat rules : -No Spam. -Calm your capslock. -Do NOT ever tell me what games to play and who should play with me. -Respect the others. -I'm an A-hole because it's my job and gimmick. You don't have to be one. -Just enjoy the stream.
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-Intel (R) Core i9-10900F -NVIDIA RTX 3080 TI Suprim X 12G -MSI Power Z590-A Pro -KLEVV Bolt X 32gb DDR 43200Mhz PC4-25600 (16GB X 2) -MSI Power Supply MPG A850GF -DEEPCOOL Castle 240 RGB v2 Watercooling -Samsung C24F390 Curved