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🌈🍞JOIN THE FAIRYBREAD ARMY🍞🌈✨19 year old Aussie Streamer!✨


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Become a follower of GE3T3E's TikTok account! - Comment something random or fun, who knows it might be used in a video one day - Like the videos that really make you smile - Duet the videos you want to try and recreate in your own style

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Become a subscriber to GE3T3E's YouTube Shorts Channel! - JOIN THE CULT- I mean, the Fairybread Army! It's a community, I promise, it's not a cult - Share with your fellow simps - Like every video because you realised GE3T3E is the best PNGtuber besides MatPat


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!!CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE!! Become a Patreon! Support GE3T3E on Patreon and you might get the chance to be in the credits of GE3T3E's next videos!


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Do you want to support GE3T3E in a financial way, now you can! This is still a working in progress, you can tip but refunds currently isn't an option (you can talk with GE3T3E about any tips you have made on Discord if you wish) A list of things that any money tipped would go to: - Better pc setup, wifi, graphics to enhance the entertainment - A possible back correction surgery as GE3T3E has moderate scoliosis - University, Home, Car payments and many more


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Want to be the best and most respectful possible viewer when talking to or with GE3T3E? Read my boundaries to know what makes me comfortable and safe when interacting with others.


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Become a follower of GE3T3E Instagram account! - Tag GE3T3E in your Fanart and use the #GE3T3E on your posts - answer questions in possible QnA stories - Copy GE3T3E's art style, not the art itself, the art STYLE


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Join the Official GE3T3E's Fairybread Army Discord Server! Talk, play games, make art and have fun! Make sure to read the rules to become a member!


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Become a subscriber to the Official GE3T3E YouTube Channel! - Comment cool stuff on the videos - Like the videos you enjoy - Share with friends and family (okay maybe not family) - suggest cool ideas for next videos!

My Carrd

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Want to know more about me and see my other socials? check out my carrd and click on any of the social media icons to teleport to that social page or click the "About Me" or "Boundaries" icons for more information on myself.