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I'm a growing (queen) slime from the planet Yivasia, and I'm doing my best to protect humanity! Avatar art by @ArtenoEnjo

About Me:

**My name is Gelato Sorbet! (Gelisor)** I'm a researcher and heir to the crown of Yivasia, sent as both an ambassador and researcher to study human culture in hopes of integrating the planet into my empire. I stream from Canadian Airspace aboard my ship called The Slipstream! **•What are you?** I'm a slime! I can transform into and assimilate other creatures and matter to grow! (Just not on stream, that's embarrasing.) **•Why is the stream marked as mature?** Because I'm liberal in my language use. Please be patient with me as I learn the in's and outs of human communication. **•When did you start VTubing?** September 14th, 2020! I evolved my form after six months! **•Can I send you fanart?** By all means! Use hashtag #GeliCubes for normal art, and #Gelewds for NSFW. **•How do you pronounce Gelisor?** It's "Jelly-Soar", or just "Jelly"! ----------------------- Initial Design: @gelisor Design Refinement: @crossman200 3D Model: @Julian_Hang ARKit Blendshapes: @Kana_Fuyuko, @Arhi_ReaperR Emotes: @ArtenoEnjo, @c_starlett, @megu_muu_ Start Screen: @virtualjester
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