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My name is GD, I'm a 25 year old variety streamer. I love big books, loud music, TTRPGs, and all kinds of games.Business contact:

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Underworld Charity Team

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I am now a member of The Underworld Charity Team, we are a group of chaotic good humans who raise money for charities that cater to marginalized communities! If you would like to check out more of the team click the image above.


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Slowly trying to raise money to build a better streaming rig. Any and all tips/donations will go to that, and would be greatly appreciated


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My rules are very simple and if you follow them we wont have any problems. Don't be an jerk. No one likes jerks and i wont put up with jerks in my chat. You have one warning with me unless its a Racist or Homophobic slur. Then you're banned and don't complain if you didn't read this. My mods rules are law. If you got timed out or banned don't send me messages about it. I don't care. No backseat gaming. There is not one streamer who likes it and I will time you out and refer you to the rules. Kappa is not a license to be a jerk. If you say something mean even with a Kappa after it i will ban you.Suck it up


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I try and stream every day except Thursday, usually start around 8 or 9pm est and go till about 12 or 1am. If I dont happen to work on one of the days in the middle of the week I will stream earlier and on most Sundays I will stream around 2pm for my weekly D&D games.


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If you would like to sub to me to help me do this more often click the image above or hit the sub button under the video player.