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Hi, Genevathekitty here! I enjoy playing JRPG's, MMO's and games that pique my interest in playing them, but really i'm just your typical Falcom lover waiting for the next western release! Come in and chill out in the Comfy Good Vibes streams!

More about me!

I'm a Full-time carer for my mother, so at any time i will be called upon, have to make sure that she is doing ok and run some small errands. I also own a small dog called Wednesday and she is my little puppers who keeps me company and make everyday enjoyable. I'm also a moderator for 4 streamers on Twitch and i enjoy my time moderating for them. My Channel Avatar was commissioned by Pandreem. My Tip pic was created by Prisonersnakey. My Badges, Offline Screen banner, Tier 1 emotes were created by Kalbatronas and Pandreem. My Animated, Follower, Tier 2, Tier3, 5k and 10k emotes were created by Pandreem. And my background is made by Kalbatronas All of these artists are Twitch streamers and are worth watching if you get the chance too!


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