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I play the Marios and I cook the foods. Usually not at the same time.


Hey guys, I'm streaming just for fun, it's more fun to have people around to play games with, that's you! One day I could make something of this? I don't know.


My streaming goal right now is to follow a set schedule. I've been very bad at it so far. I also want to start uploading to YouTube more often.

Chat Rules

Be nice to each other! Swearing is fine, but be classy. Easy on the backseating. I'll ask for help when I want it.


I play alot of Mario games here, if you haven't noticed. Here's what you're likely to see if you catch me: * Super Mario World Romhacks * Super Mario Maker 2 * Zelda 2 speedruns * Food & Drink, I like to cook. Here are some other games I intend to play, roughly in order: * Iconoclasts * Celeste(summit is done, next is B-sides and core, then Farewell) * Prey (2017) * Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove(Finished Shovel Knight and Plague Knight's campaigns) * Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night * Super Mario Sunshine * Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 You can see the list of SMW romhacks I've completed by typing !romhacks

PC Specs

**CPU-** Intel Core i7-11700F **Video-** GeForce RTX 3060 Ti **RAM-** 48GB **OS-** Windows 11 64-Bit **Cam-** Panasonic HC-V770 **Mic-** Elgato Wave: 3 **Streaming Software-** OBS Studio