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I'm just a geeky girl who likes to game. Drop in and say hi, I won't bite :-)

The One & Only

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Hello! If your reading this, you have somehow stumbled into the darkest depths of the internet that is my Twitch page. You have two options, to try and escape this black void, or alternatively, accept your fate and try to quieten the screaming voices in your head and continue reading and watching this stream! You decide! So, now that is out of the way and we have weeded out the weak and have the survival of the fittest, CONGRATULATIONS! Pat yourself on the back.Now stop stealing the limelight, focus on me! My name is Ghibli_Pavelin, I am a 20 *something* year old girl who likes to play video games because the real world is an effort and who doesn't like to get lost in a virtual world from time to time! But now I am trying to merge the two via twitch. Will you assist me in this new adventure??

Demz Da Rules!!

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Ok, Time to be serious for a second. Things that will or won't be tolerated. *Racism/sexism/ageism/any-ism, you will get banned* *Respect The Mods, these are people I trust so if they tell you to sit down and shut up, please do!* *If I'm streaming a game, please do not ask me to play another game with you. You can ask to potentially play with me on the current game, that's ok (as long as your not a weirdo though...). Also, do not bombard me with party invites, as If I've declined the first one, I'm not going to accept the 7th!* *Please do not argue with other viewers. Debates are fine, Bullying is an automatic ban. We are lovers, not fighters here* They are the basic rules, obviously I might have to add more as time goes on.

The Schedule according to Ghibli

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I'm not going to lie, I do work at various times and have no set work pattern, so the only thing I'll say is, if I'm on, I'm on, if I'm offline, I'm either having tech issues, or probably offline! I would like to think that my erratic streaming pattern just makes me a little bit rare like the Mewtwo of Pokemon!
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The games currently keeping me out of trouble are:- + Destiny. + Diablo 3. + Skyrim + Uno ***** Over time, I hope to add more titles in here.

Social Networking!!!!!

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So below is my Twitter & Youtube links, Please follow and like as you see fit! + []( + [] (

Feeding the needy

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I've added this box as I would rather give you an option to donate than no option at all. If you choose to donate some of your hard earnt money to me, I will forever be in you debt.....I mean eternally grateful! (I don't think the devil will let me give my soul to other people after he claimed it!) So no matter how small the donation (even 1p!) is appreciated and will help towards improving the stream as it is very basic at the moment! But please don't feel like you have to donate, just your presence in the stream and being in my growing community brings enough joy and happiness in my often lifeless and frozen heart! :-)