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I'm Ghost_Craig! I love playing video games & I LOVE live streaming! Click that follow button, enjoy the randomness and have fun!

The Rules

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Dont be a dick plain and simple and no disrespecting anyone from the chat to the streamer which will resolve in a ban or timed out depending on the situation, all good vibes don't ruin it :)


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Want to support and donate to the channel directly ? Click "Donations" above to do that ! Donations go 100% extra and are not required to watch / enjoy my stream tho mostly welcome .


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Monday-1pm-8pm Tuesday-1pm-5pm Wednesday-1pm-8pm Thursday-1pm-5pm Friday-1pm-8pm Saturday- 1pm-8pm

My discord

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My discord is a community server, S4S, you can promote all ur socials and look for people to play and chat with . In the near future I will be hosting giveaways and information about the channel . So dont be shy join and say hey Ghost.

About me

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Hi im Craig McConnell im from Glasgow, Scotland. I have Asperger's and have played it feels like my whole life! Showing off my skill in some games is wat make's me happy but then again i get downed a lot to ...... have a "loose my shit "moments with the Scottish temperament that goes with it lmao but i have fun playing anyway. If your in search to hit a few games let me know.