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Ghostbody aka Faquza East Coast Streamer that plays a bit of everything & @Trueghostbody on Twitter

Who and Why?

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Hello everybody, I'm Ghostbody aka Faquza. I play fighting games a lot on here and a little bit of everything else. Almost anything is fair game and I'm open to suggestions. Only warning I have for you peeps is language, past that hope you enjoy.


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Short and long of it: Don't be an Ass. -Derogatory remarks and other foul acts will get you banned with the quickness. -Sexism: you're out -Discrimination due on race, creed, religion or pretty much any -ism: you're out -Behave or I will recycle you. -Some shenanigans may be allowed but it's up to me and the mods if you get to stay in or you're ousted from the Haunt -Behave or I will F^&#^%! recycle you.


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I sure as hell don't expect ANYTHING from my followers cause we are all likely broke but if you like what I'm doing here, if ya want, you can throw me something here but 0 pressure.


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Welllll, if you wanna gift me something, do it here.


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Shout out to the Sponsor [Devilsmilk]( Cute, Creepy, Pastel Goth and Occult inspired designs.


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And here is my Facebook page. I'm not on here that often and I post when I get a new game for the community and to play with the community. I also post when I stream here and when. Woo.


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I'm becoming more active on here. I post all kinds of stuff here including links to other people's streams and random other things. Oh, and when I stream here as well. Be forewared, this is my general Twitter so some NSFW and slight political stuff may be retweeted on here.


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You've seen the !play-asia message in chat, you know why you're here. You want some good import games? Some exclusives? Maybe some other anime gear? Maybe a vinyl you can't find here (Plastic Love for example...) you can find it all here.


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I’m proud to be part of Peer2Peer.Live, a project by Trans Lifeline, because I know how difficult it can be to find marginalized communities on Twitch and I want to elevate creators of all kinds. Twitch buttons/social assets by Landon Ames


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Well, I'm partnered with Fanatical. They are really cool about having massive bundles and part of the reason why I have so many games to play. Go check them out by clicking on the picture and help me out as well with a purchase.


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Soooo, affilated with Indiegala. Game bundles, free games, Some *spicy & saucy* titles as well. Click on the pick, get something, use whatever currency you want (even bitcoin) and you'll help me and yourself out.