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hello, my name is Jeffrey, I live in the Netherlands and i like games,, really an introvert, but this is getting me a little bit out of my shell

About me

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My name is Jeffrey, Just an small town boy who wants to entertain and play with viewers.


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Donations are very welcome, but never asked for, anything you donate, will go back in improving the stream _*No Refunds on bits, subs or donations*_

Chat rules

Be respectful to each other! Have fun! no politics, racism, name-calling and bullies allowed, no spamming or selfpromoting, Respect each other! NO TROLLING!
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My Wall of Fame First Supporters: Sps911, Djq1234, Vexacore27 First Cheer: Sps911 First Sub: Sps911 Partner Raids: KmPunk, Crowegamingg Alot of thanks for the help from: Paigeyhe CroweGamingg Biggysweats


500 Followers on October 22 2021 Biggest incoming raid: 100+ Highest count of subs: 68