I'm Giga, a Canadian + Cree streamer and game dev. Over here I stream casual blind playthroughs of games, speedruns, horror games, and Nintendo stuff - especially N64 games.

About Me

I'm Giga. I'm a Canadian Cree streamer and I do a variety of speedruns and casual games on PC or consoles, with a Nintendo focus. I've done speedruns of Luigi's Mansion, Super Mario Odyssey, and Super Mario 64, plus some others. I generally stream about 3-4 times a week, and stream start times are around 9-9:30pm Eastern Time! [Follow on Twitter](https://twitter.com/1000Mega) - I'll tweet news about the stream and when I go live. [My YouTube channel](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgC5WN5lnHngqdz9tE06Iaw) is where I'll upload playthroughs, speedrun PBs, and maybe other stuff. **Business Inquiries:** Email giga7k@gmail.com

Support the Stream

Streaming is primarily a hobby and I don't rely on it financially, but if you really enjoy the content and are feeling generous you can [leave a tip here](https://streamelements.com/giga_7k/tip)! All donations go towards improving the stream. There are also some fun special alerts for certain donation/cheer amounts! >25 Bits - Kremling Noise >50 Bits - Morgana >64 Bits - Star Fox 64 Voice Lines


Subscribing will help support the stream and grant you these benefits: + 9 great emotes and 5 animated emotes to use anywhere on Twitch! + Chat Sub Badge + Ad-free viewing on this channel + Access to the stream Discord - come and talk video games, horror, and more You can also use bits to permanently unlock Bit Emotes, with emotes at 1K and 5K bit badges. ## Emote Artists >Grin, S, SCARY, Lore, Bog, Horns, Comfy, Pikmo, Gas, Why by [Kumama](https://www.twitch.tv/thekumama) >Boohoo by [HarryKayan](https://www.twitch.tv/harry_twitches)


Fridays at 9 PM Eastern Time! N64Mania is a weekly race of a Nintendo 64 game that I regularly participate in with Sp0ck1, tapioca, Altermentality, and others, on a quest to complete every game in the N64 library. Additionally, sometimes I may stream my own playthroughs of the games I missed out on.

Personal Best Times

**Luigi's Mansion** *Any% (No OoB):* 1:03:10 *100%:* 1:23:11 *All Portraits:* 1:15:49 **Super Mario Odyssey** *Any%*: 1:21:27 **Super Mario 64** *70 Star:* 1:35:40 *120 Star:* 4:24:33 **Animal Crossing** *Golden Rod:* 5:26:04 **Mario Party 2** *Mini-Game Coaster (Easy):* 13:35 *All Boards (VC, Easy):* 4:54:20