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Last live last year

Won't be streaming much!

Super Sporadic Streams - I just stream whenever I feel like it!

Some alert popups and backgrounds are from [VA-11 HALL-A: CYBERPUNK BARTENDING ACTION]( Latch animations done by the awesome [Pixipui](! Thank you screen art done also done by the lovely [StarPendant](!

Who are ya?

The name's gigaiDX (Giga or Gigai for short) - pleasure to meet you! Currently in the uni period of life, which is why these streams are going to be pretty sporadic. I hope to make the most of the time that I do stream and I hope you enjoy the streams too! At heart an online PC player with a like for most genres - specific favourites being rhythm, shooters and fighting games (despite how awful I am at all of 'em).

Who's the croc fella?

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The lil croc fella you might see on stream or just on my profile picture is Latch from Lethal League in a custom palette! Originally starting out as a mini project of mine to add custom palettes to Lethal League for colours based on Marina and Pearl from Splatoon 2, it's sort of evolved to being a character I'm associated with. Huge thanks to [Pixipui]( for creating the "lil cutie" version of Latch and for also doing the animation - Please go check her out!

Osu! Profile (Not too active Osu!)

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