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Donations of any amount are accepted and very much appreciated. Thanks! When you donate you earn the **Baller** title. This is the only way to achieve baller status. [Be a Baller and Donate](
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#Live Tweet Live tweet the stream by mentioning [@gilbesPlays]( in your tweets. Tweets show live on the stream.


gilbesBot is here to help. #Super Mario Maker **!mm [course id]** - submit a Super Mario Maker course. For example: !mm 1234-0000-0100-4321 **!mm queue** - view your position in the queue ***** #gilbesPoints **!points** - gets your current gilbesPoints totals **!points [user name]** - check how many gilbesPoints another user has Earn gilbesPoints for watching and participating in the stream. Earn extra points by unlocking gilbesChievements. ***** #Title **!title** announces your title in chat **!title [user name]** check someone else's title Check out the Titles panel for other commands related to titles ***** #♬ Boogie Down ♬ **!play [sound]** - plays a sound clip on the stream. For possible sounds to play, check out what others are using in chat. Or try one, you might get lucky. ***** #Who Dat? **![who dat was]** - who what that? If you spot someone on the stream who probably should not be there, call them out. If you spot Luke Skywalker type !skywalker in the chat. ***** #Forecast Raise the forecast by doing ... something. Pay close attention to the chat. When it hits 100% there is a 100% chance of ... something happening.


Your title is earned by acquiring gilbesPoints with a few exceptions like the title of Baller. It is based on the total gilbesPoints you have earned so spending gilbesPoints does not reduce your title. Titles become more distinctive as you earn more gilbesPoints. Use the **!gender male** or **!gender female** command to receive a gender specific title. I could not care less if you are a lady or a dude, so if you would rather not say that is A.O.K. Your title will be gender neutral. Are you a hero or a villain? Use the **!alignment good** or **!alignment evil** command to receive a heroic or villainous title.
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I play all SNES games on console not with an emulator. #Super Nintendo + Model SNS-101 ##Mods ###Video + RGB 15kHz 240p @ 60fps video ###Audio + S/PDIF digial audio #Capture + PEXHDCAP + RGB video + Analog audio + *digital coming as soon as I find am audio capture card that works with the SNES's funky sample rate*