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Welcome to GITC Gaming where we play everything.....................except fortnite.

Rules and Guidelines

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~Be Respectful to others in the Chat! Any offensive comments or jokes ain't gonna fly here. ~No backseating. If a fellow Geek is doing a blind play-through its for the enjoyment of all of us. Don't spoil it for everyone else. ~Don't spam any links or other unnecessary things unless asked or needed. ~Be nice and welcome all the new followers and subscribers. We all family here. ~Stay Geeky.
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If you do like our content and want to support us feel free to donate! No matter how big or small we appreciate all the support you guys give us. Note that all donations given will not be for personal use, all funds go towards the stream for better usage and equipment! Note: NO Refunds! To prevent fraudulent actions.
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~We are Partnered with Humble Bundle, an online store where you can buy plenty of PC games and Bundles at low prices and all proceeds go to charity . If you click this link, you'll be supporting the stream and a charity of your choice. Thanks!

About Us

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Hey there fellow Geeks! We are Geekz In The City. We are a group of nerds who love everything from Anime, Manga, And Video games. The group consists of Burger, 2D, Biz, Al Wolf, Gear Bear, and Inkpen. Expect to see a lot of us playing many different types of games......except Fortnite. Make sure to tune in every week to not miss out. Stay Geeky!~

Our Other Social Media!

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Here are the links to our other accounts! Follow us on insta and YT. We appreciate the support! <3