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Shattercorp Industries rules the world.

Panel Content
* Be kind & respectful to all the ppl * Bring good vibes/jokes * No edgelord incel shit * No energy vampirism * No bigotry/racism/sexism * No homophobia/transphobia * No elitism/gatekeeping * No ketchup * No threats/harrassment * No requests for personal information * No eating babies * No slandering other streamers/devs * No one likes a know-it-all * Backseat at your own risk; Reactions may vary
Panel Content
Join the ranks of Shattercorp Industries * Pretty dang okay emotes * NO FUKKIN ADS * You get way cooler * Special Discord Role * Tiers 2 & 3 get MOAR cool * Progress towards MORE emotes * Help support a down hard bad boi
Panel Content
Your hard-earned money is appreciated but never required. All money goes to staying alive and the stream for giveaways and prizes.