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Internet DJ and Gamer. I am going to try scheduling streams but I may stream other times as well.

Games I will be playing

Deadpool Transformers Devestation Final Fantasy 7 Final Fantasy x Final Fantasy X-2 Final Fantasy XII the Zodiac Age Ghstbusters The Video Game SAO Fatal Bullet SAO RE Hollow Fragment SAO Hollow Realization SAO Lost Song Mad Max Baldur's Gate Baldur's Gate 2 Marvel Ultimate Alliance Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 Neverwinter Nights Enhanced Edition Icewind Dale Enhanced Edition assorted Sega Genesis games Dark Queen of Krynn The Pool of Radiance series Savage Frontier series Donations accepted to choose next game.


Panel Content
I am wanting to upgrade my pc to help eliminate the lag issue. Looks like I can do it for $1,000. There is never any requirement to donate but anything is appreciated. I am willing to add challenges provided the Donation fits the challenge.