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I'm a mecha enthusiest. Alot of what I will be streaming will most likely be either, Super Robot Wars/Taisen, Gundam games, Turn-Based Stratagy, RPGs and random asortments of games! PSN- US: Gndmmaniac & JP: Gndmmaniac_JPN

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Here is my GBO2 card. Basic info of what MS and type I tend to use.

Donating to the channel

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Not necessary, but greatful if contributed. The minimum of $5 or more. Like I said not necessary to do, but thankful if you contribute. All proceeds WILL go towards the channel.


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I will TRY to stream as much as I can. It may work out fine, it may not. I will let you know if and when I'm streaming via notification on twitch or on discord.


- Please be respectful to everyone! - You can talk about anything - If you have a game request, please message me on twitter or on my YT disscussion tab and not in the chat (because it may not be noticed.) - Please, no back seat gaming. Unless I personally ask for help. - Ask before posting any link, Also with the link, make sure that they are safe. Any infected links will be removed immediately. - when requesting songs, please be sure that it is within the TOS of twitch. We dont need to be banned for dumb reasons.

Bot Commands

!discord - to join discord (or use link provided at bottom) !yt- link to my youtube channel (or use link provided at bottom) !sr or !songrequest- request songs to play while I'm streaming. (will most likely use this for GBO2 streams.) !wiki - link to the GBO2 English Wiki page!! !colab - Streamers and Youtubers that i colab with.