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Long time geek. Lover of K-Pop, beer, gaming, anime and more! I co-host an anime podcast known as Otaku in Review (Subscribe wherever you get your podcasts!). Check out the blog at for a view in to my world of music!

GameEnthus Extra Life (Link below)

Please support the GameEnthus team's Extra Life. I did not personally sign up, but you are free to donate to anyone on the team to help us reach our goal. [GameEnthus Extra Life](
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Visit my recently revamped website that lets you dive in to my world of music. Featuring K-Pop and more!


Thanks to the following artists for their amazing artwork via commissions! + [PerfectSerenad3]( - Brought my long time character Sati Kim to life and created my logo - [Maple&Kate Commissions]( - Created the super cute Sati Kim emotes for subscribers to use!