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Welcome to the garden! I stream GTA RP and Variety. Stay awhile and listen!

About Me

I'm Gnomey! I stream Variety and GTA RP on the popular NoPixel server. My goal is to create a community that focuses on positivity, good vibes and ensuring that everybody enjoys their time. Gnomey artwork is from the very talented [Echidnite]( Outside of streaming I work as a full-time software developer. # Schedule I don't currently have a fixed schedule, but I typically stream 3-4 days a week starting some time between 4:30 and 7:30pm (AEST). # Current Goals ✔️ Reach 50 Twitch Followers ✔️ Twitch Affiliate ❌ Reach 100 YouTube Subscribers # Support the Stream Supporting me is both free and easy - just **Follow the stream**, **[subscribe to my YouTube](** or **[join my Discord](** - any of these would be most appreciated!

NoPixel Characters

* [Max Moody](, a young Australian man who suffers from a number of mild to moderate phobias and anxiety disorders including (but not limited to) fears of enclosed spaces, heights, germs, crowds, public speaking and personal contact with others. He traveled to Los Santos as a form exposure therapy but discovered he has a fear of flying and is now too scared to return home.

Chat Rules

1. Be nice! 2. Don't meta! 3. Have fun! # Hardware * **Motherboard**: ASUS Strix Z270H * **CPU**: Intel® Core™ i7-7700K * **Graphics Card**: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti * **Memory**: 32GB Corsair VENGEANCE DDR4 3200MHz (4 x 8GB) * **Monitor**: Dell S3220DGF * **Mouse**: Logitech G502 & Logitech MX Ergo Wireless Trackball Mouse * **Keyboard**: Corsair Gaming STRAFE RGB (Cherry MX Brown) * **Headphones**: Sennheiser HD 560S * **Microphone**: Shure MV7 * **Microphone arm**: RØDE PSA1 * **Mixer**: GoXLR * **Capture Card**: Elgato HD60 S+ * **Accessories**: Stream Deck XL * **Chair**: Ergohuman Classic Mesh
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