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I know quite a bit about me, and I'm not great at all.

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Music: The Musical Styling of Brent Bunn: HoboKa - Composer and VG Remixer: Seth Skoda - Genesis-specific Remixer: Mazedude - An exceptionally-gifted individual and VG Remixer: HOTSTUFFDX - Charmingly bizarre, quirky artist and musician: Quebi: endKmusic: Art: Chops - Comic artist and shitposter: Chutney - Exceptional animator with a positive attitude: Moe - Programmer, artist, survivor: FunkySquidd: ithoughtiwascrazy - 18+ Only art streamer. Don't touch her eggs or ketchup!: babyuwu - Artist and cosplayer from Chile : ImaCupaJoe - 3D Artist, Twitch streamer, and herbal tea enthusiast -