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i'm august and i like video game


wow you found yourself here, that's pretty cool, welcome my name is august, goldwind's just a bad pun on the name consider giving me a follow, yell at me in chat, shoot me a message, i don't know WHAT is going on # Where Am I? i am on the internet in the following places ### Twitter i use twitter for social media the most probably - my username there is the same as here, it's @goIdwind but the "L" is a capital "i" because i'm strugglin out here in username land [or just click here for twitter idk how anything works on this dang internet]( ### Facebook i made a [facebook page]( cus i figured i might as well Stream Everywhere ### Discord pretty dead in here for now but you can definitely reach me on [my discord server]( i do extra streams in here and you're more than welcome to drop a hello. ### YouTube i'm also on youtube and yall idk how i pulled it off but i actually snagged []( with the L and everything haha ### PSN [here ya go]( ### Xbox One [here ya go]( ### Steam [here ya go]( ### Switch/3DS ya can ask for my codes if ya want em

But What Kinds Of Games?

wow I'm glad you asked, no one! # Destiny 2 here's my ego stuff that i don't have any reason to have an ego about [Raid Report]( [Dungeon Report]( # JRPGs I play em but typically don't stream that content lmao who wants to see an 80 hour longplay where i talk to the same NPCs thirty times in case something changed # Danmaku / Bullet Hell / Stick Shooties I like shmups, like resogun, nex machina, geometry wars 3, mushihimesama and whatever. Returnal and Nier are amazing too. At one point I was in the top 7 on the global leaderboard for a level in geometry wars 3, that was neat # Soulsborne i guess I like 3rd person action games that are on the difficult side, a la soulsborne, nioh, ninja gaiden, etc. I have the achievement of 100%ing ninja gaiden 2 which made me want to die i've also gotten the platinum on demons' souls, dark souls 3, bloodborne and sekiro # Non-Twin-Stick Shooties i kind of like shooties but I'm not all that great at them, like destiny 2, warframe, call of duty, titanfall 2 or apex # Roguelites, whatever that means i like roguelites, i play quite a bit of binding of isaac and enjoyed the time i had with dead cells # Rhythm Games I like these things too. jubeat is probably my favorite rhythm game. I can clear 10s, but I'm only getting C's and B's while there are ppl out here getting SSS FULL COMBO EXC so you know. Also I don't have a cab so I'd be streaming my iPad lmao # Cards I like hearthstone and slay the spire but i'm very much a casual, maybe good for a chill stream # Other stuff OoT randomizer is so so so good and would happily do a run whenever tbh


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you really don't have to do that as I love just being here, but it would be very nice of you and it'd help me out, life is struggle.