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Welcome to my channel , I’m a shameless e-mum 🤣I love to chat to respectful people , I will be doing mostly IRL and fitness streams come say hi 🙋 xx For all Business enquires please contact


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*Don't be judgemental , if you don't like how I live my life move on . *If you don't like my stream don't watch , no need to report me I have worked hard to grow my community and I will be missed . *Please speak English in chat so I can talk to you * Please be respectful , I'm only human and have feelings too. Any disrespectful comments you will be timed out , any hate speech will result with an instant ban and reported to twitch with a screen shot as evidence . *Be respectful to my Mods and my community they are here to support and help me if not you will be timed out or banned above all lets be kind to each other and have fun xx
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By subscribing know that you are supporting the stream and helping me to become a full time streamer. know that by subbing I really appreciate your support big love xx

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Thank you so so much for the donation! Donations will be put towards improving my streams with the potential of becoming a full time streamer. I really appreciate you supporting me and my stream ❤ By donating you agree that no refunds will be made and there are no products or services in exchange for your donations.