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Throw me a donation if you like. They aren't a requirement for me to like you but it does help. Donations are final.

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I mostly play GTA RP on NoPixel but do play other games. I will let you guys know when I go live via Twitter and Discord. Business email: Favorite Games: Bully Batman Arkham series Skyrim Fallout 3 Channel Firsts: 1st Bit Drop: R3ettle Snake 1st Sub: R3ettle Snake 1st Gifted Sub: TheNightRaven 1st Prime Sub: burtraptor


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Good place to know when I'm live as well as some very lukewarm takes.


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Join the discord to meet new people, keep up to date with the stream, fan art, and much more!


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Please don't get me banned. I'm all good with cussing and crude jokes but don't be dicks to each other. No racism, sexism, or homophobia will be tolerated. Don't backseat or tell me how to play my characters. No meta info allowed, don't tell me info my character shouldn't know.