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I am a norwegian streaming in english. Some mistakes will be made, and fun shall be had! Here we are pretty chill except after I die a lot and annoyance level goes up. But do stay, have fun, enjoy the show. :D

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I'm a 27 year old streamer from Norway. I play a variety of stuff. For a more detailed schedule you'd have to drop by my discord server to see my weekly plans. I suck at describing myself... uhm... ask me anything in chat, unless it is too sensitive I plain out answer. xD

Different Goals:

Affiliate (Jan 10th, 2020) 100 followers - Drunk Getting Over It stream 150 followers - Jackbox Game Party! (May 18th 2020) 300 followers - TBD 50 subs - I give, let's do more Getting Over It! 100 subs - 100% All Sanity ZOOTR run!

What I use for streaming

Acer Predator Helios 300 17,3" FHD AOC 27" gamingscreen 27G2U ADX Firecast A01 Microphone HyperX Cloud Revolver S Gaming Headset Razer Naga Trinity MOBA Gaming Mouse Røde PSA1 Microphone stand Elgato Game Capture HD60S


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Click the image to join my discord server where we can all duck about together! We have a friendly community with some shit talk, but I promise we are nice people! <3

Special Mentions!

1st follower: Minitard (Feb 8th 2017) 50th follower: EdanaUlf (Jan 10th 2020) 69th follower: FishmanDroo (Feb 13th 2020) 150th follower: Dragonia55 (May 18th 2020) 256th follower: 1st subscriber: nShortFuse (Jan 10th-11th 2020) 10th subscriber: Trumpetsk (Feb 24th 2020) 15th subscriber: FredTheDeadInside (17th April 2020) 69th subscriber:

Tips Are Great

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Tips are a great way to support me as a creator and entertainer. Never tip more than you can afford though.