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Last live last year

Hai! I'm GraiMaeyr or Lance. A Variety Streamer from Michigan. You can expect games, music, movie talk and carressed elbows. Let's have some fun! Ol skool meets Nu skool.... Titty Sprinkles!!!

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Heya, I'm GraiMaeyr, a variety streamer from Detroit Michigan. Interested in community building exercises and sharing the lolz. Drop a follow for forever love!

The Pensioners Stream Team

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Check out the rest of this Legendary Community! A collection of the sickest fawks from around the world!!! <8 DO IT!!!
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Be excellent to each other No weazing the juice Respect Strimmer, Mods and Other Viewers Hail Satin!
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Donations will be used to further streams. Donations will not be refunded. Thank you for your support!!! <3


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!air ~~~~ "you think that's air you're breathing?" !alive ~~~ "I'm Aliiiiiive!" !dead ~~~ "Terminated!" !juke ~~~~ "stop trying to hit me and hit me!" !moida ~~~ "you just can't kill peeps..." !plot ~~~~ "Brrrraaaaaaaahhhhh." !faceoff ~~ "i'd like to take his face..." !how ~~~~ "how can he see me?" !lol ~~~~~ "Hee Hee Hee!" !nolove ~~~ "no time for love..." !nomore ~~ "no more for that man..." !plan ~~~~ "do i look like i plan?..." !joker ~~~~ "<3 <3 <3" !rage ~~~~ "Dammit!" !sumbitch ~~ "you sunuva betch!" !potay ~~~~ "Po-Tay-Toes?!..." !hurry ~~~~ "hurry up!..." !dayum ~~~ "dayum dayum dayum!" !blowme ~~ "can ya...?" !member ~~ "remember me...?" !ah ~~~~~ "Diiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeee" !deep ~~~~ mario underground