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GRIND613 fosters a party atmosphere like no other. It is incomprehensible, cannot be explained in mere words and must be experienced, multiple times, to even to begin to understand...

Thursday Grind!

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We host a weekly raid train on Thursdays! Come sign up for the fun and DJ for us!


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We have merch available, come visit us at:

The Rules!

1. Good Vibes Only :) 2. If you want a request, whisper the DJ and he may or may not download for a future set! 3. You can talk about your twitch channel :) 4. Other than rule #3 - no promotions, shilling or solicitation of any kind. 5. Do not evade the link filter. 6. Do not argue with the MODs or Streamers! 7. (Several rules Grind will make up on the fly) Any violation could lead to a timeout, we're fickle people, repeat violators will be trolled, rolled and sold!

About Grind613

Grind's philosophy can be summed up in four words: "I'm here to party." We endeavour to deliver an experience of mutual respect, good music, good friends and support for all Twitch Streamers.
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Feel free to tip! All proceeds are reinvested in the stream!