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Guarding the fourth wall since 2011. Home to the Guardian and their fuzzy counterpart, the Guardiyeen. For full details about me, please check the panels below!

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I am a part of a wonderful streamer community known as the Storytellers! Please click the image above to check out our Twitch page!

About Me

Greetings, I am The Guardian of the Fourth Wall. As you can expect, I'm not that good at my job. What's that? Someone or something broke the fourth wall? So what else is new? I've been gaming for a long time now, but I'm new to the streaming world. I try to be a variety streamer, but sometimes there will be a game that I will play for an extended period of time because I sometimes just get really into it. To me, it doesn't matter if the game is good or bad, I will play it regardless. I'm a very laid back and easy to get along with person. I don't care who you are or what you're into (as long as it doesn't harm anything or anyone.) If you're not being a jerk about it then I don't care. Feel free to stick around for a while and chat! I like to converse about different topics (namely gaming,) so feel free to strike up a conversation (as long as it doesn't break *Rule #2.*) *The Guardian of the Fourth Wall - guarding the fourth wall since January 12th, 2011.*
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This stream operates off of the three strike baseball rule. Don't worry about getting caught for any minor infractions, this only applies to serious cases. First strike is a warning and possibly a purge (depending on how bad the infraction is,) the second strike is a timeout and the third strike is a ban. 1. **Joking around is fine, just don't be a jerk.** Pretty straight forward rule here. There's nothing wrong with joking around, just don't be a butt about it and be respectful. We're here to have fun, not be jerks. **Discrimination, threats and toxicity of any sort is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.** 2. **Please refrain from discussing controversial topics.** Anything that has to do with politics, religion, or any other controversial topics is not something I would like discussed here. Please just keep that stuff out of the chat. 3. **Please do not self-advertise unless you have been given permission to.** I understand the difficulty of finding an audience/viewerbase. It's tough, but going to someone else's channel JUST to plug your stuff doesn't make you look good. Unless one of the mods or myself has given you permission, please refrain from doing this. 4. **Mods/streamer have final say.** If I or the mods warn you about something or take some sort of action, we probably did it for a good reason. 5. **DO NOT DISCUSS YOUR AGE IN THE CHAT.** This one's in the Twitch ToS, peeps. 6. **Last, but most importantly, have fun!**

NSFAQ (Not So Frequently Asked Questions)

==================================== **What is your music taste?** - I'm really into metal and rock, though a touch of pop and some other genres don't hurt once in a while. I do enjoy a good music discussion, so if you want to talk music, feel free! **What time is it?** - Time for you to get a watch. **Are you a fur-** - I'mma just stop you right there. All I will say on the matter is that it'll be up to you to figure it out. **When will that be?** - **pulls the Magic Conch string* * *Maybe someday.* **Seriously, are you a fur-** - **I TOLD YOU ALREADY STOP ASKING** **'re totally a furry in denial, aren't you?** - ...maybe *all jokes aside, if you really want to know the truth, the answer is incredibly obvious and shouldn't even matter anyway.*
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The Discord is a great place to hang out with fellow community members and catch updates on streams, videos, and other ventures of yours truly! Click the image above to join!
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Wanna know when I go live? Or maybe you just want to see some of the dumb stuff I post and like?Well my Twitter is the place for you! Click on the image above to head on over!
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I've recently began writing a series of stories known as "Tales from Beyond the Fourth Wall," which will expand upon the lore and universe of The Guardian of the Fourth Wall! You can check out the original announcement tweet by clicking on the image above! ETA: Q3/Q4 2022


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If you ever wanted to help support the stream in another way, you could always donate. Donations will go towards improving and making the stream better for you all. It's not necessary, but if you choose to do it then I appreciate the thought regardless and thank you.
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Here on my YouTube is where I post various types of videos that can range from any projects I've been working on, to stream highlights and more. Feel free to check it out, there might be something you like!